You can use the following payment at our website:
Credit Card(Visa,MasterCard,JCB,AE)
Bank Transfer
Pay WU/MoneyGram (10% off discount)
Pay Via Bank Transfer (8% off discount)

Please contact us to get our WU account and bank account

Paying with Credit Card
We currently accept credit card payments from most locations worldwide.Paying by credit card  is safe,easy and convenient
Is your site secure for Credit Card purchases?
Absolutely,100% Yes.In fact more secure than if you use your credit card in a retail shop.We understand that in order for us to have a long-term relationship with you,we need to offer more than just great products at great bargain prices - we need to earn your trust.We have therefore gone to great lengths to provide you with the safest online shopping around - and you can confirm our claims for yourself.
Paying with WU
With more than 150 years of experience,WU is a global leader in money transfer services.It helps consumers and businesses send money quickly and reliably.
WU payment Information checking their website. after payment settled,please kindly let us know:
☆.Sender's first name and last name
☆.MTCN (Money transfer Control No.)
☆.Currency and Amount
☆.Sender's Country

Please contact us to get our WU account

Are you one of those who think that you can make an online purchase with a credit card only? Wait! Give a rain check on that once again. There are hundreds of people around the globe who actually frown upon making payment via credit card on a retailer’s website. If you are one of those, then we have good news for you. 

We accept payment via WU. It has innumerable counters across the world and you can make a cash or credit payment via any of them. Want to know the nearest counter to your location? Click here

How Can I Pay by WU

It is simple. Once your shopping is over, select WU as your preferred payment method. Fill in the details asked in the order form and submit. Follow these simple steps to complete the payment process:

Step 1: You will receive an invoice upon submitting the order. The invoice will carry information about WU’s recipient details. You will need this information to make payment at the WU counter. 

Step 2: You can make the payment for the invoice either via their official website or at any or the nearest WU counter by cash or credit card. 

Step 3: A unique MTCN number will be generated which will be given to you from the WU counter or on the website. 

Step 4: Once we receive the cash, we will ship out your order in next 24-48 working hours. You will receive a tracking number to trace your order online. 

Credit Card payment via WU website is available for customers from following countries only: 

- United States
- Canada
- Australia
- Austria
- France
- Germany
- Ireland
- Netherlands
- Italy
- New Zealand
- Norway
- Spain
- Sweden
- United Kingdom

Our customer care agents are also available to help you guide through the process of payment through WU. Alternatively, you can also reach us via our Contact Us form. Click Here